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This is dope. Jimmy Fallon is doing it with these performance gigs. The clip above has PE performing Bring the Noise with The Roots. Spotted at illRoots.


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  • Phil

    Damn! Jimmy reppin' HARD like Arsenio Hall and shit! Chuck looks strong! And Flav definitely looks 50, lol, but he still doing what he do with Chuck well, though. I gotta start checkin this show...

  • chef

    his show is pretty terrible but if he keeps having performances like this i'd watch just for that.

  • llennyl

    I don't even know what meeting of the 'network' minds had to come about to make this possible, but good look.

    I may just actually have to hulu Mr. Fallon.

    Damn, remember when P.E. used to sell out arenas?

  • Sasha

    P.E. are still at the top of their game. I was I was in Philly for the Roots Picnic this year. That shit is going to be craaaaazy!

  • http://www.myspace.com/djmselect M-Select

    yeah i got nary a mild chuckle from the actual show, good thing he's got the roots & dope shit like this on deck

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