In part two of Jabari's talk with Pain in Da Ass he speaks about how he got his name, females, and much more.


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  • Mookie

    I don't care what he says. "Pain In The Ass" was a bad choice for a rap name.

  • MATT

    dat was funny as

    "pissin in niggaz egg mcmuffins n shit or whatever the fuck they got".. lmao

  • Lime


  • DJ JAV

    This dude sounds wack ... Sorry, but I'm with Mookie, "Pain In The Ass" is a bad choice for a name, and he just sounds stupid with his schpeal about how he'll never change *blah blah blah*

  • DJ Finyl

    i hear that voice and the first thing I hear is bobbito garcia not pain in the ass. was that him on the "hell hath no fury" intro too?

  • RideOut

    Jabari's faces are priceless, lol


  • farfega

    u guys are idiots if u don't know who pain in da ass is... he was on Jay Z's first 4 albums' intros

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