That's right you bastards, it's here. I'm 4 tracks in and Loso is killin it. Shouts to Lowkey for the heads up and the original link. He doesn't post full mixtapes on his site ... but I do. So here you guys go. Fabolous is back on his mixtape game alongside Mr. Gangsta Grizzilllz. To purchase a hardcopy, hit up MixTrap.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

01 Intro
02 Niggas Know
03 Suicide
04 Fuck Wit Street Fam f. Neo Da Matrix
05 We Do This Shit
06 Back To The Damn Thing
07 Here's Another Hit
08 Paperman f. Neo Da Matrix
09 Taking Pictures f. Red Cafe, Paul Cain, Freck Billionaire
10 Mo Cars Mo Hos f. Freck Billionaire
11 Hustlas Poster Child f. Cassidy
12 Hand On My Glock (La The Darkman & Willie The Kid)
13 I'm Getting Money f. Freck Billionaire
14 U Aint Saying Shit
15 Brooklyn's Finest
16 Fuck Em All f. Red Cafe
17 Paper Touchin (Red Cafe)
18 Fall Back
19 I Came From Money
20 I Don't See Nobody
21 I'm Da Man (rmx) f. Red Cafe, Freck Billionaire, Paul Cain
22 Pimp My Blood
23 Say Hello
24 Outro

25 Dope Boys

DOWNLOAD: DJ Drama & Fabolous - There Is No Competition


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  • http://bananaclipse.blogspot.com bananaclipse(3.0)

    Fab always kills the mixtapes and flops the cd...

  • http://no-way-really.blogspot.com jack russell mf

    You think? I actually liked Real Talk but the first two and his last one were bricks. Looking forward to listening to this one though.

  • likeroyalt

    fab killin em out there//

  • kaiz

    this is way better than loso's way....4real

  • j’mel da don

    street fidda didda dam

  • Hitz

    Street Fidda didddddda dayummmmmmmmm
    Takin' Pictures is supa sick!

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  • stunnaboi

    fab really sick on dis one...and takin pictures is da sickest muddafuckin track on da tape..paul cain and freck billionaire r tight shit...

  • dazen

    what is the password

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  • http://killumantithedon@aol.com killumanti the don

    yo street family i give yo alot of respect man fuck all of these fucking haten ass niggas they need to die

  • Jason

    fabolous always rocks that mic shit man i was listening to that im getting money track feat freck billionaire that shit go funny thing is that song was out like 2 years ago PERFECTION TAKES TIME

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